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  • Efficient information capture and exchange by using the EPCIS standard
  • Better information visibility in fish supply chain - leads to increased sales
  • EPCIS traceability system enables finer granularity than is usually available in the fishing industry
  • EPCIS is applicable for food traceability and thus international trade



  • Presentation of the redfish pilot at Iceland will be made by Valur N. Gunnlaugsson from Matis at the 13th International Conference on Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of industrial enterprises
  • A poster presentation titled "Integrating food safety and traceability information using EPCIS standard" was given by Dr. Maitri Thakur from [SINTEF Fisheries and aquaculture].at the IFT conference in New Orleans, June 11-14, 2011.
  • eTrace results were presented at the seminar; "De nye sporbarhedsregler og datagrundlaget" in Aalborg, Denmark the 25. of May. The seminar is organized by The Danish Seafood Association. Presentation was made by Valur N. Gunnlaugsson from Matis
  • A presentation titled "Documented sustainable fisheries catches more customers" was given at the ECR Forum in Brussels. 5-6 April 2011.


Final report for eTrace will now be made and the project is officially closed.

Final SAFEFOODERA meeting held in Copenhagen June 7-8, 2011.

Final eTrace meeting held in Gøteborg, Sweden on April 13, 2011. Deltakere.jpg

Meeting program and participants



Pilot test demonstrate integration between data capture equipment and EPCIS The Icelandic pilot test is now finished. The results have been positive both regarding RFID readings and EPCIS as information manager. More results will be presented soon. We will like to thank the people at HB Grandi for their hospitality and help. Thanks also to Hrafn that supplied the pilot with RFID readers and software that was integrated with our EPCIS. IcelandPilot2.jpg


Pilot meetings at Iceland The pilot group meeting in Reykjavik 18th to 20th of August had a focus on preparing for the Iclandic pilot. The meetings included a visit to HB Grandi and resulted in a plan for the pilot test in week 43. At the picture you can se the project group that visited Iceland and fishing vessels from HB Grandi. Wikibilde Island.jpgFartøy Island.jpg

July 2010

"Traceability gain, profit"

The Swedish pilot of eTrace is beeing taken notice of by several magasines. Gain of profit due to teaceability is regarded as “hot news”. A list of publications can be found here. Publications from the Swedish pilot



Electronic traceability systems based on software applications and automatic data capture systems are the most effective solution for providing relevant information to the food industry and consumers. eTrace aims to specify, develop, and evaluate an electronic traceability system where different information sources related to food safety and suitable enterprise management systems are integrated with EPCIS (see EPCglobal). The purpose of this system is to provide efficient traceability operations in food supply chains.

The technology providers Tracetracker (Norway) and ROI4U (Sweden) are developing an ICT infrastructure to provide a platform to enable fast and reliable electronic traceability. This solution is based on an industrial standard defined and provided by EPCGlobal and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology.


  • The Norwegian pilot focuses on traceability of meat products. This work is closely conected to the eSporing project. The technical solution developed in eSporing will be using a EPCIS as one of the main technologies. eTrace will therefore exchange information about the Norwegian pilot with eSporing.
  • The Icelandic pilot focuses on the redfish chain which includes landing, processing and export of fish from Reykjavik. [Pilot chain]


Flag of Norway.png SINTEF Fisheries and aquaculture Research/Project manager
Tracetracker Technology provider
The Norwegian meat sectors pilot group for eSporing Observer
The Norwegian eSporing Observer
Flag of Iceland.png Matis Research
Flag of Sweden.png ROI4U Technology provider
The Swedish Board of Fisheries Observer
Lund University Observer


The project is financed through the SafeFoodEra network.

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